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During our consultation meeting we will have the opportunity to review the information necessary for our team of advisors to develop an initial analysis of your current planning. This meeting will also give you the opportunity to learn more about our process so that we can continue to determine if we are a good fit in an advisory relationship. The following information is helpful for our team to conduct a complete analysis: 

  • Social Security estimates
  • Retirement savings account statements (IRA, 401k, 403(b), ORP, 457b, etc.)
  • Insurance information (Life, Long term care, Disability)
  • NC TSERS benefit estimate (if applicable)
  • Information on any other major assets and liabilities
  • Income/cash flow information - pay stubs, federal/state income tax returns
  • Employer benefits election summary
  • Estate planning information/documents

You will receive a separate email to “Register for your Financial Website” which will allow you to explore our financial planning and data aggregation tool. You may upload the information requested into the “Vault” on your website in the “Shared documents” folder, email to us with "secure" in the subject line, or bring to our consultation meeting. In addition to gathering statements for your accounts, you may also link your accounts to this website by clicking “+ Add Account” on the top left of your home page and following the instructions. If you need help doing this, feel free to reach out and we are happy to provide assistance.

Please keep in mind, the information you provide will determine how comprehensive our analysis will be. If there is any way that we can assist you in gathering this information please let us know and if you cannot obtain everything before our consultation that is quite alright, our time will still be very productive.